MKF-PJS02 Potentiometer Joystick Single/Dual Axis Spring Return


  • Spring return,single-axis or dual-axis operated
  • Cross direction or arbitrary direction operated optional
  • Potentiometer or hall effect angle detection, long life span
  • Large current microswitch optional (10A@30Vdc)
  • Various output optional
  • Various handle optional


Power Supply Resistance <36Vdc
Resistance 5KΩ, 10KΩ
Center Angle ±3°
Maximum Dissipation 0.2W
Power Supply 5±0.5Vdc
Supply Current <11mA (Single axis), <22mA (Dual-axis)
Maximum Allowable Overload Voltage 20Vdc
Reverse Maximum Allowance Voltage -10Vdc
Output Linearity Tolerance <±0.2V
With electronic amplifier
Supply Voltage 18~36Vdc (U 21~U 25)
Current Consumption <20mA
Maximum Output Current 10mA with standard voltage output
2-wire system current
Power Supply 9~36Vdc (I21~I22)
4-wire system current
Power Supply 9~36Vdc (I41~I42)
Breakout Angle ±5°
Load Capacity 1 0A@30Vdc (Resistance load)
Expecting Life >30 million cycles (Mechanical)

>200 thousand cycles (Electrical)

Insulation Resistance >100MΩ 500Vdc Insulating-resistance meter
Breakout Angle ±3°~ ±5°

Environmental Data

Operating Temperature -30℃~+70℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~+85℃
Protection Level IP65 (Above the Panel)

Mechanical Features

Travel Angle ±25°
Operating Type Spring return
Breakout Force 15N
Operating Force(max) 30N
Maximum Allowable Force >300N
Expecting Life >2 million cycles(potentiometer), >5million cycles (hall)
Weight 460g (without handle )


MKG handle: