Industrial Application

For most industrial applications ranging from food processing, Beverage, kiosk or any workstation, vandal proof, waterproof are a major concern. Seamless, industrial robustness make Mate Technology’s keyboard suit for harsh working environment. Only 1 minute cleaning process while your device can still remain plugged.

Medical Application

When comes with Medical, Pharmacy industry, hygienic keyboards and mice will definitely do their job.
Mate Technology’s input devices are with washable silicone cover, extreme smooth tactile coating as soft as velvet.
Backlighted for dim working environment with adjustable levels. You can choose from different configuration as you wish.

Military Application

Mate Technology provide reliable MIL-STD compliance products to meet such high precised application. You can choose from our standard products as well as brand new configuration of different elements. For example changing from pointers, backlighting, legends, mounting solution etc.

Vehicle Application

Mobile data application like car, forklift, truck, van, ambulance just to name a few that always demand for a lockable, ultra fast typing with great tactile feeling as well as serving highest level of accuracy. Basic typing area with backlighting,
function keys and mountable configurations. Compact and ergonomic design.

Vending Machine

We have exported keyboards and keypads for kiosk manufacturers worldwide.
We recommend vandal proof stainless steel keyboards and keypads for such application as it requires higher protection for public areas. Non-removable trackball and touchpad will secure it using by different operaters.

UAV & ROV Controlling

Most of our clients choose silicone keyboard with open frame mounting solution for such application since ultra thin design is a must for these kinds of portable PC control system. Stable performance with rubust structure, that is waterproofed as well. We also support customized design or tailored dimension.