1) General


  • All the items are tested and passed internal inspection, photos and Invoice will be sent for confirmation prior to shipment.

  • Standard limited warranty is 1 year. Extended warranties are available with adapted prices. Exclusive Serial Number(S/N) issued with each keyboard which should be well protected. Defaced, modified or removed serial number will be rejected for after-sales service.

  • Mate provides (1) one year from the date of manufacture if purchased by an end user.


2) Exclusions from Warranty Coverage


     Below are not covered in Standard Warranty:


a. Physically damaged causes by abuse or accident, etc

b. Modification/repair/refitting without consent of Mate Tech

c. Services by any unauthorized provider

d. Any hardware upgrades after the date of purchase

e. Serial number has been defaced, modified or removed

f. Improper installation

g. Common wear and tear

h. Damaged caused by extraordinary/unusual working environment (Radiation/Electrostatic/Electromagnetism)


3) Prices, Dispatch, Insurance


Our prices are net cost (EXW) excluding transport insurance, freight, local Tariffs. We reserve the right to adapt the prices accordingly based on the exchange rate, labor cost etc.


MATE will choose our co-operated freight forwarder for shipping service including DHL/FEDEX/TNT/UPS, etc, without warranty for the cheapest shipping method.


If buyer/client requests for freight insurance with the transport, relevant cost will be covered by the client, we will assist and cover it.


4) Modification, Upgrade


If product is upgraded to another version, which means part of the accessories will be discontinued. In this case, the product cannot be repaired/replaced, without separate notice.


5) Warranty Policy


We request S/N, Invoice, pictures, videos and detailed description for a bettering tracking and analysis. RMA number will be advised once confirmed(qualified for repair or replacement). One of our staff from After-sales team will be in contact soon. You may be asked for more info if needed by us.


If the product proves defective in either materials or workmanship, Mate is entitled at our own choice as follows:


(i) Either to supplementary performance in the form of removal of defects or provide backup accessories

(ii) Deliver a new object free of defects, exchange the old ones

(iii) Shipping cost should be borne by both sides

(ⅳ) Refund


The time period of the warranty for any repaired or replacement product will be for the balance of time remaining on the original product warranty.


We recommend making a new purchase for/instead of the warranty-past-due ones or aging equipment ensures a better performance.