MKF-PJS03 Potentiometer/Hall, Single axis, Panel Mounted

  • Rugged components designed for the construction environment
  • Potentiometer tracks for angular-detecting
  • Friction held and spring return for choice
  • Center-lock is a mechanical option
  • Providing optional grips with different shapes
  • The number and position of the switches are customized designed
  • PWM output drives proportional solenoid valve
  • Depending on the proportional solenoid valve to set starting current, maximum current, and PWM frequency
  • CAN output is an option

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    Electrical data

    Power supply <36Vdc
    Resistance 200Ω, 1KΩ
    Electrical angle ±18°
    Center voltage 48%~52%Vdc ( of Power supply)
    Center tap angle ±2.5°
    On-load voltage (max) 32Vdc
    Power dissipation 2W (200Ω), 0.5W (1KΩ)
    Directional switch
    Load capacity 10A@30Vdc (Resistance load)
    Breakout angle ± 5°
    Contact resistance <200Ω
    Digital Proportional Amplifier Driver
    Power supply 9~36Vdc
    Output Driving Current PWM PWM Maximum Current 3A
    PWM Freqency 100HZ~1000HZ
    Minimum Current 0~0.4A
    Maximum Current 0.4~3A
    Load capacity 10A@30Vdc (Resistance load)
    Expecting life 30 million times (Mechanical)  200 thousand times (Electrical)
    Insulation resistance >100MΩ
    Breakout angle ±3°~ 5°


    Mechanical features

    Travel angle ±20°
    Operating type Spring return,Friction held
    Breakout force 5N
    Operating force(max) 11N
    Maximum allowable force >300N
    Expecting life >2 million cycles (Potentiometer)
    Weight 475g (Without handle)

    Environmental data

    Operating Temperature -30℃~+70℃
    Storage Temperature -40℃~+85℃
    Protection level IP65 (Above the flange)