MKF-JS72 Professional Dual Engines Throttle

MKF-JS72 dual engine throttle controller. Suitable for ship engine throttle control, capable of controlling 2 engines, with throttle control and gear control functions. There are 11 mechanical gears (5 gears forward and 5 gears backward), and the PVC scale can adjust the backlight. Adopting a Hall sensor with linear compensation across the entire temperature range, the left and right signal outputs are completely isolated from the RS485 signal; Linear surface emitting technology with adjustable backlight brightness. Aluminum alloy shell, anodized surface, using nano friction positioning material, with good hand feel.


  • Operating angle: 140°(±70 °)
  • Gear position: 11th gear (5th forward, 5th reverse, 1st middle)
  • Each gear has a graduated feel
  • Synchronous control: dual servo stepper motor and electromagnetic clutch mechanism
  • Equipped with remote synchronization control function
  • Signal output: current 4-20mA+RS485
  • Power supply: DC24V (DC10V/DC36V)
  • Operating temperature: -40 ℃~+70 ℃
  • Protection: IP67 above the panel