MKF-S03 Four Directional Switch

The body of this product is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material and waterproof micro switches. Fingers can be pushed in all four directions to achieve switch signal output, with good hand feel and long service life. It is suitable for configuring on panels of numerous industrial control devices to achieve corresponding functions.



1.Structural description:
1.1 The external dimensions are shown in the above figure; Unit: millimeters;
1.2 Main component materials: aluminum alloy (baked black paint);
1.3 Four way switch, operating force 0-5N, spring self resetting;
1.4 Weight: approximately 20g;
1.5 Mechanical lifespan: 500,000 cycles.
2. Electrical specifications:
2.1 Self resetting microswitch, 50mA@12Vdc ;
2.2 Electrical parameters: S1-S4: Normally open, without self-locking
3. Environmental parameters:
3.1 Working temperature: -40 ℃~+70 ℃
3.2 Storage temperature: -45 ℃ to+75 ℃