MKF-PJS05 Finger Operated Potentiometer Joystick


Typical application on remote control box, off-highway vehicle:

  • Dual-axis finger operated, spring return
  • Spring return
  • With center tap potentiometer angle detection
  • 2mA (max) current directional switch
  • Proportional amplifier to direct drive hydraulic proportional valve optional

Enquire Price

    Power supply <36Vdc
    Total resistance 5KΩ
    Electrical angle ±30°
    Center tap voltage 48%~52%Vdc
    Center tap angle ±2.5°
    On-load voltage (max) 32Vdc
    Allowance maximum power dissipation 0.25W ( 25°)
    Load capacity 2mA@30Vdc (Resistance load)
    Breakout angle ±3° ~ ±5°
    Contact resistance <200Ω
    Mechanical features
    Travel angle ±32°
    Operating type Spring return
    Breakout force 3.8N
    Operating force (max) 12N
    Maximum allowable force 300N
    Expecting life >2 million cycles
    Weight 125g
    Environmental data
    Operating Temperature -30℃ ~ +70℃
    Storage Temperature -40℃ ~ +85℃
    Protection level IP65 (above the flange)