MKF-JS26 Professional Twin Handle Throttle

This product is designed to provide portable or fixed operation control boxes, made of high-quality plastic material. The panel is equipped with various high-quality switches and operating components, as well as various optional functions (such as embedded LCD display), providing mainstream communication methods. Suitable for multifunctional operational applications that balance stability and efficiency within a certain spatial range.



1. Structural description:
1.1 Friction positioning of the left and right push rods;
Operating range: 0-70 ° ± 5 °;
Operating force: adjustable within 5N to 20N
(Initial operating force: 10N);
Extreme operating force: 100N;
1.2 The left push rod is equipped with a self resetting button switch S1;
1.3 The push rod is equipped with a self resetting button switch S2 on the
right side;
1.4 Dimensions: As shown on the left drawing, unit: millimeters;
1.5 Main component materials:
Aluminum alloy, engineering plastics, stainless steel
1.6 Fixed type: screw connection (6xM4);
1.7 Mass: approximately 3.5KG;
1.8 Structural type: Closed type;
1.9 Mechanical life: 500000 times
2. Electrical specifications:
2.1 Input voltage: 5VDC;
2.2 Output interface: RS422 (protocol attached separately);
3. Environmental parameters:
3.1 Working temperature: -43 ℃~+60 ℃;
3.2 Storage temperature: -50 ℃ to+85 ℃;
3.3 Relative humidity: 5-95% (without condensation).