MKF-JS09-V3 Mini Thumb Joystick with Switch on Top

1. Machine specifications
1.1 Main component materials: ABS
1.2 Weight: Mass 25 grams (maximum)
1.3 Operating force: 0 to 3 N, allowable limit operating force: 35 N
1.4 Control range area,(X Y-axis)
From center position in any direction: 18 “± 2″“
2 Electrical specifications
21 Input voltage: 5VDC, current≤50mg;
2.2 Signal output(X,Y axis), voltage: 0-5VDC ± 10%:
Center position voltage, 2.5VDC ± 0.1VDC
Maximum output voltage 4.5VDC (minimum), minimum output voltage 0,5VDC (maximum), output signal impedance 1KQ
2.3 Button switch S1: Self reset, normally open, 100 mA@5VDC:
Waterproof and dustproof level: IP67 (below mounting plate) IP65 (above mounting plate)
Environmental parameters
4.1 Working temperature: -30℃ to+60℃
4.2 Storage temperature: -40℃ to+70℃
4.3 Special temperature: can be customized as required.



This product is made of high-quality industrial grade ABS injection molding, with a non-contact Hall sensor thumb operation design.
The material is firm, lightweight, easy to operate, and has advantages such as long service life and good protective performance.
Physical signal output is achieved through thumb operation, and a high-quality waterproof button operated by a thumb is embedded
at the top for customized functions. The product has specifications with multiple built-in communication outputs.