H44 Serie MKF-JS20 Industrial Joystick, Hall effect, 3-asix, Flexible Joystick, Panel Mounted

MKA-JS20 is a 3-axis contact-less joystick controller, designed for precision fingertip control applications where safety and long trouble-free life are primary requirements. It can be compressed for 10mm for portable devices. This model is ideal for applications that include powered wheelchairs, robotics, UAV, CMM machines, medical and CCTV equipment, professional camera controls, and remote-controlled chest-packs.

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    Button 0
    Operation Range Circle
    Operation Angle XY axis ±20°; Z axis ±18°
    Power Supply DC5V, DC12V
    Outputs 0-5v(0.5-4.5 optional), RS232, RS485, USB, CAN
    Life Span 5 million operating cycles
    Material stainless steel, engineering plastics
    Degree of protection IP65
    Opertation Temperature -40°C to +70°C