H38 Series MKF-JS19 Industrial Joystick, Hall Effect, 3-Axis, Panel Mounted


MKF-JS19 series is a 3-axis joystick. A model is with one push button, and B model No button with stainless steel and aluminum alloy materials for rugged and durability. Panel mounted, spring automatic return structure, German high-precision Hall sensor, full temperature range linear correction, IP65 or higher protection level, smoother operation feel, and ergonomic mechanical design.


Button 0 or 1
Axis 3-axis
Positioning Spring return to center automatically
Operation range XY:±20 degrees, Z:±30 degrees
Power Supply DC5V, DC12-24V
Signal Output Analog voltage 0-5V,RS232,RS422,RS485,USB
Life Span 5 million cycles,  Button: 1 million cycles
Material Aluminium + Stainless steel
Degree of protection IP65
Opertation Temperature -40°C to +70°C


With 1 push-button version:

       Without push-button version: