MKB-101-NLM TOP SALE Upgraded Medical Scissor Switches Silicone Keyboard with Backlight


MKB-101-NLM is a professional medical keyboard with backlit included. Scissor switches provide light and excellent tactile feeling. One-piece silicone cover with high waterproofness up to IP68. USB connection plug and play. With Numeric keys on the right part and function keys on the top of the keyboard. Hygienic white for easy spotting dirt, dust etc. Mobile desktop version.


Number of keys 101
Key Switch Plastic scissor switch technology
Switching cycles 2 million actuation
Material Silicone rubber
Interface PS2 or USB
EMC Standard EN-60601-1-2
Temperature Range Operating: 0°C to +55°C, Storage: -30°C to +70°C
Compatibility All Windows, Linux, Mac
Warranty 1 year
Certification CE/FCC/ RoHS/IP68
Dimensions 385.0 x 140.0 x 15.0 mm (L * W * H)
Weight 0.8kg