NEW – Marine/Navy application/Industrial Application Panel Mount Trackballs

Mate Tech’s professional Marine/Navy Trackballs are available now with 2 or 3 mouse waterproof mouse buttons for optional. The black titanium electroplated surface makes them ideal for use where salt mist, coastal city, maritime, etc. Available with either black finished or plain stainless steel and designed to withstand hard use in exposed indoor/outdoor locations. They are impact-resistant and sealed against the ingress of water and dust to IP67. They can be easily integrated into the cabinet via threaded bolts or countersinks/through holes as well.

Alternatively, we designed an ultra-large panel and compact panel for selection. Panel dimension: 160.0 x 160.0mm.

panel dimension: 160.0 x 160.0mm

Both integrated with an optical trackball that meets 800DPI. Trackballs are also waterproofed and will not damage the circuit (PCB and trackballs). Available with hardened resin trackball (with slightly shimmery silver dots with a dark color base) or stainless steel material. Trackballs are toughened with a stainless steel ring around the trackball itself. Trackball provides a smooth and comfortable operation experience. Make it excellent for the needs of the high level of control and accuracy.  

Plain Stainless Steel Version – MKA-04-P

Product videos are now on Youtube that also showing as following.

To find out how Mate’s Pointing Device Products can help provide accuracy for your application, feel free to contact us today or find more pointing devices via Link.

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