True Fact of Joysticks from MATE

During the days, customers always wanted to know more about our facility as well as the types of equipment that we had on site.

We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce the details for our industrial joysticks and the efforts we made.

Commonly speaking, most of Mate’s products in our portfolio are customizable. Basically, we can custom or modify based on customer’s requirements. Just to name a few:

  1. Change cable, including designated brand, material, length, etc
  2. Change button, from 0 to multi
  3. Utilize the same housing and change the handle shape
  4. Change into desktop version product
  5. Added with extra mouse button (when joystick works as mouse only), left, right and scrolling
  6. more…

Some cases are below for your reference –

Changing cable(Phoenix cable example):

Changing modular construction of the handle (buttons):

Changing modular construction of the handle (rocker switch & thumb joystick):

Following are the testing machine:

  • Multimeter
  • Oscilloscope
  • Logic analyzer
  • Multimeter
  • Joystick special tester
  • Electronic calipers
  • Vernier caliper
  • Micrometer
  • Spring dynamometer
  • High and low-temperature experiment box
  • Static tester
  • 3-axis vibration test bench
  • 2-axis life test bench
  • 1-axis life test bench
  • Hydraulic proportional test bench
Static tester
Two-dimensional measuring instrument
High and low-temperature experiment box (left)
Air compressor (right)
3-axis vibration test bench

Production machines are as following:

  • Terminal machine
  • Spinning machine
  • Electric soldering iron
  • Drilling machine
  • Grinder
  • Air compressor
  • Program burner
  • Program tester

Each and every product has passed rigorous tests prior to shipment, each requirement will be ticked off by specific staff to align with customers. Safe packaging, make checks at all levels.

If you have any procurement or questions before ordering, welcome to contact our sales team for more info.

MATE’s Sales Team

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