USB 8-Axis Evaluation Board

Emulator board, USB interface, driver-free, can be recognized as a joystick in the computer, support Microsoft operating system, Linux operating system. It is suitable for simulator console, ground station, man-machine input panel interface, etc.

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    Analog input (joystick) 8-axis, 10-bit precision, (0-5V signal input)
    IO input (button) 20 external buttons
    Programmable IO (indicator output) 4 output ports (for LED indicator)
    Communication interface USB2.0, RS232, RX422 or RS485
    USB driver USB HID protocol, no driver, only supports “joystick, mouse, keyboard” and

    combination mode

    Dimensions (W)100X(L)70X(H)12
    Positioning hole size (W)90X(L)60, through hole Ø3.0mm x 4