MKF-JS96 Professional Industrial Joystick, Hall effect, Friction Hold, Dual axis, Drop in

MKF-JS96 is a two-axis multi-function joystick, push the handle in any direction (front, rear Y, right, left X), friction positioning. The joystick base is made of aviation aluminum alloy material, and the handle material is made of engineering plastic, which is sturdy and reliable. The degree of protection can reach IP65, and the analog output is available. It is suitable for military equipment, construction machinery and other equipment.

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    Main material of the base Aluminum alloy, stainless steel, etc.
    Main material of handle Engineering plastic (black)
    Operating angle in any direction ±30°
    Operating strength 5N – 15N
    Reset method Friction Positioning
    Sensor Hall sensor, linearity: less than 1%
    Input voltage (5±0.1)V DC
    Signal output (0±0.1) V DC ~(2.5±0.1) V DC~(5±0.1) V DC
    Mechanical life 1 million times
    Wiring definition Check the wiring definition diagram for details
    Installation size 80×80, 4xØ5
    Weight About 1KG
    Protection level IP65
    Working Temperature -20℃ – +60℃
    Storage Temperature -30℃ – +70℃
    Working Humidity 93±3%RH