MKF-JS02 Professional 3-Axis Hall Sensor Joystick

It can be applied to industries such as optical manual measurement, laser welding, machine tool equipment, remote control robot hand, etc.; with acceleration and deceleration, inertia, Rocker curve speed conversion, and other functions.

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    • With a 3-axis Hall sensor
    • With magnetic adsorption function, can be directly attached to the surface of the equipment
    • to prevent it from being dropped and broken.
    • 4-digit LED display, 1 knob, 15 buttons, emergency stop switch
    • Control the number of motors: 3 motors, three-axis linkage, simultaneous control, each axis is independent, and each axis has independent speed.
    • Motor: Servo motor or stepper motor
    • Output frequency: 0-10KHZ/each axis
    • Output interface: differential signal output
    • Control mode: position mode (pulse + direction, differential signal)
    • Power supply: DC28V
    • Limit switches: 2 per axis (normally open), a total of 6 limit input terminals
    • 3 axis independent control, can control 3 motors at the same time, each axis is controlled independently
    • Control nonlinear speed curve, with precise control and high-speed control performance;
    • Independent S-shaped acceleration and deceleration control for each axis.
    • Independent limit switch for each axis (normally open, closed limit), support electronic switch;
    • Support host computer control (customization, software support required)
    • Differential signal output, pulse + direction


    USB interface model: