MKF-FS03 Professional Force Sensor Sensitive Joystick with Multiple Components

This industrial control lever is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, equipped with 6 self-resetting switches, 1 four-way switch, 1 highly reliable dynamic two-dimensional force sensitive control device, 1 high-precision Hall joystick, USB2.0 output, operated by the thumb, to achieve specific functions according to one’s own needs through relevant switch buttons. Suitable for industry applications with certain requirements for product handling experience, performance, and functionality.



1. Mechanical specifications
1.1 High precision Hall control device: black, rotating in any direction
18 ° ± 1 °, spring self resetting,
Handle operating force: 0-3N, maximum operating force: 40N;
1.2 High precision and high reliability dynamic two-dimensional force sensitive sensors,
Black operating cap, operating force: 0-13.3N,
Maximum operating force: 111N;
1.3 S1: Self reset button switch, red, normally open (with red protective cap);
1.4 S2 to S3: Self reset button switch, black, normally open;
1.5 S4: Self reset button switch, gray, normally open;
1.6 S5: Self reset button switch, red, normally open;
1.7 S6: Self-resetting trigger switch, red, normally open;
1.8 S7: Four-way switch, self-resetting, normally open;
1.9 Main component materials: Handle: Aluminum alloy (baked black paint);
1.10 Mechanical life: 500000 times;
2. Electrical specifications
2.1 Input voltage: Power supply voltage:+5VDC, Current: ≤ 50mA;
2.2 Signal output: USB 2.0;
3. Environmental parameters:
3.1 Working temperature: -40 ℃ to+70 ℃;
3.2 Storage temperature: -45 ℃ to+75 ℃;