MKF-C100-EB Mate Emulator Board for CAN


CAN communication acquisition board, CAN interface, CAN2.0B protocol standard, supports standard frame ID and extended frame ID, user repairable ID, ID standard of CIA J1939 and CAN OPEN protocol. Support 8-axis analog input can connect 20 buttons, 3 indicator lights interface, 1 CAN interface, 1 RS232 interface. It is suitable for the control panel of CNA communication to quickly customize the control panel of CAN communication for customers.


  • Analog input: 8-channel 0-5V signal input, 12-bit precision
  • IO input: 20 (external button or switch)
  • Indicator light output: 1 power light, 1 function indicator, 2 programmable LED indicators
  • Communication interface: CAN2.0 or RS232
  • Dimensions: (W)100X(L)70X(H)12
  • Positioning hole size: (W)90X(L)60, through-hole Ø3.0mmX4
  • CAN parameters can be set (CAN communication parameters can be set through the RS232 interface)
  • Support standard frame ID, extended frame ID, and remote frame
  • Button interface: 1-20, connected to the button, the upper and lower wires of each port are respectively connected to the 2 terminals of the button
  • RS232 interface: TX data transmission, RX data reception, GND ground
  • CAN interface: CAN-L white, CAN-H blue