MKF-3-PLC Mate Wiring diagram of Joystick servo motor control panel

  • Can control steeping motor,servo motor
  • 3 axis independent control, can control 3 motors at the same time, each axis independent control
  • Control the nonlinear speed curve, with accurate control and high speed control performance
  • Independent S-shaped acceleration and deceleration control for each axis
  • Software inertia configuration with good control
  • Each axis independent limit switch (normal open, closed limit), support electronic switch
  • Support master computer control(customization,software support required)
  • Differential signal output, pulse+ direction

Enquire Price

    Joystick 3 axes, Hall effect
    Control the number of motors 3 motors , simultaneous control, each axis is independent
    Motors Servo motor or stepping motor
    Output frequency 0-10KHZ/axis
    Output interface Differential signal output
    Control mode Location mode(Pulse+direction, differential signal)
    Power supply DC8V~ DC28V /400MA
    Limit switch Each axis 2 pcs (normal open)