NEW! MKF-TS18 Professional Thumb Joystick Single Axis with Silk Print Available

MKF-TS18 is a professional thumb wheel, that can be with silk printed on the side of the handle. With different colors optional, different signal outputs as well.



Technical parameters:

Operation method: Spring return/ spring return with locking at both ends (optional)
Operating angle: 土 40
Boundary lock angle: 33
Power supply: DC5V
Output signal: 0.5-2.5-4.5V (manufacturer programmable)
Power consumption: max 13.5@DC5V Single sensor
Functional symbol: supports silk print functional symbol, symbol color: white
Working temperature: -40° C~+85°C
Storage temperature: -45°C+105°C
Mechanical life: more than 3 million times
Circuit protection: IP67
Mechanical protection: IP54
Connector model: DT connector 282105-1 or Molex Mini Fit Jr. series 5557
Cable: Wire length: 300 MM
Capacity: 200 N at a distance of 35 mm from the pivot point