Industrial Input Devices and Medical Input Devices at least got one common feature – they are waterproofed. There are different IP grades for a different product, so do industrial keyboards. Here is a link for more detailed explanation regarding IP code:

Keyboards and Mice that are selling in our company are all waterproofed. However, based on different applications or products’ structure, the needs of the waterproof is unequal.

Hence, this article will be guiding you on how to find the rule of waterproof grade from similar products (As you know, each company has its products and different structures, so, the following are only based on MATE’s products for example)

A. Stainless Steel Keyboard

There are gaps between the keys due to its design. But PCB is well protected so it won’t be damaged by liquids. MATE’s keyboards are mainly distinguished from daily waterproof or totally waterproof type. Daily waterproof including spilling coffee, disinfection spray, etc.

gaps between keys

For some harsh working environments such as coal, mine, or needs extremely high waterproof workstations like food & Beverage, we always suggest customers choose a fully sealed waterproof IP68 type keyboard. Adding a waterproof cable connector is necessary to protect the cable as well.

Here we recommend 2 of our keyboards based on IP65 waterproof and IP68 waterproof for reference:

MKA-87-PM, Popular Coal & Mine totally waterproof keyboard
MKA-65-B, the most common industrial keyboard that exported worldwide

B. Silicone Keyboard

Currently, our silicone keyboards are based on one-piece design, which means there is no crevice. The sealant will be applied at the bottom of the keyboard to ensure 100% waterproof, it can reach IP68. This elegant look, smooth texture of the silicone surface makes it the perfect choice for hospitals, clinics, labs. Benefits like it can be typed fast as a conventional keyboard. Meanwhile, it’s perfect for production lines or greasy work stations since it can be washed via detergents or water. Light-weighted as well. Rugged and long life span. We have different options to meet all your requirement:

1. Basic keyboard without any mouse

2. With Touchpad integrated (commonly accepted)

3. With Trackball(removable)

4. With Mouse button (one-piece design)

C. Membrane Keyboards

This design is similar to silicone keyboards. The top surface is with a one-piece membrane sheet and without any crevices. Membrane keyboards are with metal dome key switches that make it ultra-flat and easy to clean/disinfection. Widely used in industrial applications, aerospace, and medical.

MKC-67-P membrane keyboard

D. Waterproof Chocolate Plastic Keyboard

This is a cost-effective solution instead of silicone keyboard, it can be used in garages, repair shops, offices, labs where you need a light and fast typing keyboard. It can be customized into other colors like pink and red etc. It can be also custom into other languages. Totally IP68 waterproof can be immersed.

MKF-03 Plastic washable keyboard

E. Waterproof Pointing Devices

This is the same regulation based on its materials. This means, if you are choosing a metal trackball then you can check the info regarding metal keyboards above. It’s worth mentioning that we have a removable trackball for selection. If you are confusing just check the picture below.

MKB-1-FS Mouse button

The benefit of choosing such a removable trackball is that you can clean it as you need inclusive of its body and trackball itself.

MKF-25B trackball module
MKA-05-BBF stainless steel trackball with 38.0mm optical trackball

Alright, that’s all of the introduction so far. We hope it’s all clear.

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