As you may find out that we have released one more wireless keyboard in this category, differ from the other wireless keyboards, this one is made of stainless steel.

A client found us and asked for a wireless keyboard that can be worked in harsh working environment — Coal application. By understanding their requirements, that we knew it has to be with touchpad as always as a full functionality keyboard and most importantly, it must be totally waterproof, dustproof, vandal-proof and explosion-proof. The size can not be that big but compact. And a button for ON/OFF connection as well.

Our engineers are with extremely rich experiences to handle such cases. First, we recommend only using FN keys for a compact dimension to save space over a whole sized keyboard with numeric keys on the right part. Secondly, we will design a push button at the right corner above the touchpad hence it can be easily deal with it once they shut it down – just by a single click. Ultimately, it has to be totally waterproof and with the highest quality SUS304 material against such hard conditions. It is quite obvious that you don’t need a wire, so we utilize the most common and stable connection – 2.4GHz for function realization.

Hence the final one looks like this:

The keyboards have been approved and applied in the working area for almost a year and it worked just perfectly right. Work stably with no disturbance of signal of each other. Highest level of waterproof grade and trustworthy product.

Now you can purchase it as a standard product, contact us for a price list today.

Same as always, you can customize the layout as well as the dimension(with MOQ).

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