MKF-MJS-52 Desktop 3 Axes Joystick with 4 Buttons with LED indicator

The MKF-MJS-52 control box is integrated with a three-axis Hall effect Joystick and 4 button switches. It adopts a high-precision Hall-type sensor. The main materials are aluminum alloy and engineering plastics. The linearity is correct in the whole temperature range. IP65 dynamic waterproof. Smooth operating feel, ergonomic design. USB2.0 output, suitable for industrial equipment, robots, drones, medical equipment, aerospace, ships, radio and television, video surveillance equipment, etc.

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    • Main materials: aluminum alloy (6061), engineering plastics, stainless steel
    • Shell color: sandblasted, oxidized black
    • Switch:

    SW1(Slow): black self-reset button switch, waterproof button

    SW2(Med): black self-reset push button switch, waterproof button

    SW3(Fast): black self-reset button switch, waterproof button

    SW4(Measure): black self-reset button switch, waterproof button


    • Joystick:

    Three-axis Hall rocker

    handle push angle ±25° (X, Y), operating force 0-5N

    handle rotation angle ±25° (Z), operating force 0-5N

    spring self-reset


    • Input voltage: 5Vdc
    • Signal output: USB2.0
    • Output port: USB2.0 male
    • Operating life: 1 million times
    • Protection class: IP65
    • Working temperature: -20℃- +60℃, storage temperature: -30℃ – +70℃
    • Working humidity: 93±3%RH
    • Installation dimension:Refer to installation dimension drawing