MKF-JS15 Industrial Joystick, Hall effect, Multi axis, Panel Mounted

MKF-JS15 is an industrial joystick with stainless steel structure, IP65 protection, anti-salt spray, sensor and circuit waterproof design,1 axis, 2 axis, 3 axis optional. Friction resistance positioning, the central mechanical gear of each axis with obvious gear feeling. High-precision Hall sensor, linear correction in the whole temperature range smooth operation feeling, Multiple signal output options. Waterproof button design, suitable for the control of unmanned boats, unmanned boats, ship hydraulic control and other fields etc.

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    Button 0 or 1
    Axis Multi axis
    Positioning Friction resistance positioning, center mechanical gear
    Operation range Main joystick ±30 degrees, square limit; Z axis: ±85 degrees
    Power Supply DC5V,12-36V(Optional)
    Signal Output Analog voltage, RS422, RS232, CAN, PWM
    Life Span 5 million operating cycles
    Material stainless steel 306, engineering plastic
    Degree of protection IP65
    Opertation Temperature -40°C to +70°C