New Membrane Keyboards MKC-109-PN & MKC-109-BM

New Industrial Level/Medical Keyboard MKC-109-PN & MKC-109-BN

Customers asked us if we have a full functionality membrane keyboard? We answered that we will make one for you, and we mean it. 🙂

MATE’s new professional membrane keyboards are launched now with experienced great concentration and studies over the last few months. Our goal is to design it with excellent tactile feedback and with full functionality(function keys, numeric keys) as well as integrated with a pointing device that will be saving space over an extra mouse.

Mate’s engineer Mr. Fan:

“Our idea is to design the keyboard not only with great typing experiences and accurate input but also with a sense of elegance. We chose and tried out the panton color and decided to go with this design. We use a light color for the whole base which is not too strong and colored the multi-media and function keys with darker grey. There are industrial black color and medical white color for optional. They all look good. The appearance of the product is with an ultra-flat design, matte glossy surface with smooth texture.”

There are touchpad version and trackball version for selection:

Here are the features at a glance:

1. One-piece seamless membrane keyboard with smooth coating, wipe clean with less residue

2. IP67 waterproofness, can be washed and sanitized directly via detergents

3. Full functionalities with FN(F1-F12) on the upper line

4. Numeric keys on the right part for easy operation

5. With indicator LEDs for showing status

6. Tough touchpad with accurate cursor motion

7. 36.0mm optical white trackball with a removable ring cover

8. With mouse buttons for left and right-clicking, scrolling key in the middle

9. Metal golden dome switches with excellent tactile feedback

10. Latex gloves free

11. With a ‘LOCK’ key function to activate the lock mode, which can be cleaned without unplugged from the PC

12. Top panel mount version with mounting threads on the rear side

13. Mobile desktop version also available

14. Ruggedized with a stainless steel backplate

We advise greasy applications like food and beverages, hydraulic stand, etc. Sewage disposal plants, garages, industrial plants just to name a new that will contact with water/liquids all the time.

We highly recommend pharmaceutical, medical, hospital, clinics, dental or veterinary capacity to use such easy sanitizing, installation ease, helps visually identify dirt and debris accumulation, membrane keyboard for safety stations. Keep all staff and patients safe are the top priority.

If you need any supports for your next purchasing decision, feel free to contact our sales manager today.

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