How to Find a Good Medical Keyboard

In hospitals and clinics, doctors and nurses will use their computers, keyboards and mice to input data at working stations. So, this kind of items will be contacted directly with them which makes these input devices more important that can be easily sanitized, washable, good typing experience and easy spotting on dust, blood, ready to use…just to name a few.

Keyboard with bacteria

In this article, we will introduce 2 types of medical keyboards that can be often found in the market as well as most picked from our clients.

The first one is medical silicone keyboard, it’s obvious that this kind of keyboard is made of silicone. Silicone medical keyboard provides a comfortable and light typing experience without causing any pain or sore wrists, it can be operated quietly too. One-piece silicone sheet without crevices so it can totally be washed via rinsing water and sanitized via Medicinal alcohol. We have scissors switch, carbon on gold switch with carbon dots for contacting which provides a very delightful typing feeling. We produce them into white color since it will be very direct and prompt for user to recognize that the keyboard should be cleaned as it’s easy spotted on dirt, blood etc. Functions like conventional plug-and-play keyboard. Can be customized into different languages as you wish. No doubt that doctors and nurses will wear medical gloves all the time, hence our keyboard is designed to be used with medical gloves and wet hands. Easy, quick, affordable.

Mate’s reliable silicone medical keyboard and mouse – wired or wireless


  • Material: Silicone
  • Switch: Carbon-on-gold, scrssors switch optional
  • Body color: White, black for optional
  • Configuration/Layout: alphanumeric/full functionality with touchpad/backlight optional/wired or wirelss
  • Mounting solution: movable desktop
  • IP grade: IP68 washable
  • Interface: USB/PS2, plug and play
MATE Technology’s workers have been back to work and starting produce medical keyboards

The last one is medical glass keyboard. Medical glass keyboard is a popular capacitive operating input device with sensitivity controls and acoustic feedback signals. The appearance of the glass keyboard is elegance and professional. It can be designed into different dimension, colours and styles, for the standard medical keyboard, we always use white(light color) because it helps visually identify dirt and debris accumulation. The glass keyboard is rugged, resistance design with long serviceable time. We have ready to use version in desktop movable style. Plug and play mode which makes operation a breeze. Lockable (disable keys)while disinfecting the keyboard, no need to take out from PC. It can be disinfected and sanitized to prevent cross-contamination and washed in hospital-grade disinfectants or soap and warm water. It can be used with medical gloves and wet hands as well. Any languages design is available.


  • Material: Tempered Glass
  • Body color: white and any other colors
  • Configuration/Layout: alphanumeric/full functionality with touchpad/backlight optional/wired or wireless
  • Mounting solution: movable desktop/panel mount
  • IP grade: IP68 washable/IP67 water and dust protection
  • Interface: USB/PS2, plug and play
  • Haptic/audible feedback while typing
  • Comfortable and light typing experiences

Hence, regarding the above introduction with features and advantages, if you are also looking for a mouse to be paired with the keyboard, you can check by click this link for more mice products. They are also washable and it’s great to be worked together with the keyboard to against any cross-infection.

MATE’s medical glass keyboard

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