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How To Clean Medical Keyboard?

Lately, our medical keyboards were rapidly ordered for different application worldwide. Ranging from dental clinics, vets, labs and universities, hospitals, food and beverage plants, garages and repair shops. Customers required good sensory feedback and should be washable. 

The silicone keyboard is latex-free, moisture-resistant, and extremely durable. Fully sealed up to IP68. Due to its flat surface, making cleaning a breeze. We mostly recommend choosing hygienic white for easy spotting on dirt, stain, blood etc. It can be customized into different languages as well as mounting solutions. Super light tactile feedback with pleasant typing experiences. This affordable keyboard is the best choice for any applications that need the input devices to be washed frequently. Most importantly, the device can remain plugged during cleaning process, thanks to the CLEAN mode functionality. Just to remind all our readers that all our medical keyboards are EN 60601-1-2/ IEC 60601-1-2 (medical grade) certified. 

Next, we are going to show how to clean or disinfect your silicone keyboard correctly and efficiently. 

The most simple way is to use a disposable alcohol pad. You can easily purchase from groceries store or drugstore anywhere in the market. Use the alcohol pad to clean the edges and the gaps between the keys with light pressure circular movements. Keep it dry and evaporate in a moment. The whole process is less than 1 minute till you bring your keyboard back.

Alcohol Pads in different sizes

When using alcohol-based disinfectant, you should prepare a soft cloth or cotton tissue. Apply(spray) the disinfectant on the top surface of the keyboard and then follow the same process above to gently clean the whole device. 

Anti-Bacterial Cleansing Gel
Sterilization Disinfectant

If the surface is greasy, household cleaner can be utilized. Apply on the soft cloth to remove stain or spots. You can also apply the cleaner on the surface, use the cloth to clean it and rinse off with water afterwards. Pat dry. 

Totally washable keyboard

Meanwhile, we also prepared a cleaning guide including the agents as well as objects which were prohibited FYI. 

Here are some useful links: 

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Following are some top-rated models that we highly suggested:

1. MKB-110-NLM – Compact design medical keyboard 

2. MKB-112-PNLM – Integrated with touchpad,

3. MKB-111-NM – Super flat no gap one-piece silicone cover 

If you still have any further requests, we are glad to hear from you. Let us know your needs, we will build your own keyboard for you.