Sometimes you may have doubts finding the ideal product from the suppliers’ database, whether from size or key configurations, backlit color, interface, cable a bunch of them… Hence, it is time to custom your unique keyboard/mouse right now. 

Let’s talk about how to customize your product by a brief introduction: 

1. First, a basic concept is a must of what kind of product that you prefer. 

For instance, keyboard only or pointing device? Needed to be multifunctional like keyboard integrated with pointer? 

2. If a keyboard is needed, then you could consider the following configurations before a perfect product comes up:

A. Application: Industrial, military, marine, medical, coal mine, public access, Oil & gas, Food and beverage, vehicle, etc. (

B. Numbers of buttons, basic keyboard with typing area only; with numeric keys; with FN keys

C. Dimension, length, width, thickness

D. Backlight requested or removed, the color of the backlight, NVIS available 

E. Mounting solutions – such as top panel mount with threaded bolts, top panel mount with sinking holes, rear panel mount with holes, moveable desktop version(with VESA holes or not), wall mountable version, rack drawer, OEM open frame, etc. 

F. Special layout/characters request

G. Integrated with mouse? Trackball, touchpad, joystick or force sensing resistor

H. Keyboard surface finishing, stainless steel color, black electroplated or others

I. Keyboard material: stainless steel, silicone rubber, membrane, aluminum, plastic or polycarbonate

J. PCB switching technology: membrane keyboard with carton contact, metal dome, scissor-switch or micro switch

K. Interface: USB, PS2, Matrix, RS485, RS232, flexible FPC, aviation plug, wireless 2.4G, or Bluetooth 

L. Custom logo/brand

3. If a pointing device is needed, then these parameters you should think out. 

A. Applications same as above (introduction of keyboard) 

B. Trackball, touchpad, joystick or force sensing resistor?

C. Trackball ball size: we offer 16mm, 19mm,25mm, 36mm, 50mm, 75mm etc

D. Trackball material: stainless steel or epoxy

E. Mounting solutions same as keyboard

F. Mouse buttons as requested, numbers of the buttons or no need

G. Surface finishing: stainless steel, black electroplated, etc 

H. Dimensions 

I. Touchpad touching area 

J. Touchpad enclosure material: rubber, plastic or stainless steel

K. Interface: USB, PS2 or Quadrature 

L. Backlighting or not

M. Custom logo available 

Besides, either keyboard or mouse, there might be some other special requirements you want to guarantee for harsh working environment or against MIL-STD. Such as extreme temperature, electromagnetic compatibility, vibration, waterproof, dustproof, against with oil/grease/powder/salt and spray, ESD, flammability, anti-fungus, explosive-proof, intrinsically safe etc. We can engineer it. 

Don’t be overwhelmed! Product diversity is not a dream. Feel free to consult our professional Sales Rep. and let us do our job to help you pin down great input devices.