New infrared keypad MKA-34-NL-V2 is now available in stock!

Utilize IR technology for this keypad with 12 keys available. Waterproof, dustproof, backlighted, oilproof, etc. Use natural light, its LED, and human body infrared light to cooperate to complete the touch function.

It can be used in the below application:

  • Industrial applications with much water and oil
  • Access control which requires no touch
  • Healthcare
  • Measurements
  • Automation

And with the following advantages:

  • Water or oil stains on the surface area will not affect the work of the keys
  • Life span is more than 200,000 hours
  • The interference ability of anti-electromagnetic is much better than that of Capacitive keypad
  • A variety of media touch, hand, glove, wood, metal are all available

Below is a chart for your easy comparison with the switches available in the market:

Factors Capacitive KeypadMechanical keypad Membrane keypadInfrared keypad
WaterWith influenceComplex waterproofing processNo influenceNo influence
OilWith influenceDifficult to cleanEasy corrosionNo influence
GloveNot available AvailableNo influence No influence
Panel materialMust be insulatorNo influence No influence No influence
Electromagnetic environment With influenceNo influenceNo influence With influence
LIfespan /<500,000 times<500,000 times<2000000 hours

Video for your reference too – no thanks. 🙂

Hope you like it and feel free to contact our sales rep. for more info!