H81 Series – MKF-JS28 Professional Impact Joystick


  • Principle: Hall sensor from Germany Hall sensor, linear correction in the whole temperature range, linear correction of the magnetic curve, to ensure the linearity of the output
  • 2 axis (XY), 14-bit resolution
  • Working voltage: 3.2V-5.5V, can work stably at 3.3V or 5.0V
  • Signal output: USB, CAN, RS232, RS422, analog voltage
  • Analog voltage: 5.0V power supply 0.3~2.5~4.7V or 6%Vdd~50Vdd~94%Vdd, other parameters can be customized.
  • Repetitive positioning accuracy: less than 1.5%
  • Materials: aluminum alloy and ABS+ stainless steel, precision structure craftsmanship
  • Protection level: IP67 above the panel
  • Built-in operation wake-up switch (specify when ordering)
  • The mechanical switch is also effective when the power is not supplied; when the joystick is in motion, the switch is closed, and it is disconnected when it returns to the neutral position; it is mainly used for battery power to wake up the CPU to reduce power consumption


Sensor Hall sensor, full-scale multi-point linear correction
Signal output linear analog voltage 4%Vdd-96%Vdd, center 50%Vdd

(communication mode can be selected)

Rotation angle ±20°, diagonal angle: ±28°
Operation strength a variety of options (or customized)
Center return accuracy less than 1%
Supply voltage DC3.3V or 5V
Working current <15MA
Wake-up switch Mechanical type, the center is disconnected, the switch is closed by turning 5-10°, and the function is optional
Operating temperature -40℃ ~ +70℃
Storage temperature -50℃ ~ +80℃
Protection level part of the panel is IP67
Dimensions Outline size 76.04(H)X47(L)X47(W), installation size: 35.0 x 35.0